2016 conferences schedule

For researchers and editors alike, a key component of the job is to attend conferences.
Published in Microbiology

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In order to know what his happening in your field (and elsewhere), you probably check tables of contents, read journals, chat with your friends and colleagues in the lab... but for me, there's no better way to keep up to date than to travel to a conference. At Nature Reviews Microbiology, each editor tries to attend 3-5 conferences every year, so the year usually starts with us compiling a list of (mostly) international meetings and deciding which ones we'll be traveling to. You can find the list here, and we're always updating it, so please let us know if we forgot something.

In the next couple of months, Naomi Attar will travel to sunny California to attend the GRC Sensory Transduction in Microorganisms (starts next week); Ursula Hofer is headed to the Royal Society for their The New Bacteriology meeting (if you're in or around London, make sure to check it out); and I'll be visiting Israel for the first time to hear all about the microbiome during the EMBO conference: From Host Genome to the Microbiome.

Hopefully the list can help you find some great microbiology meetings in 2016, and if you see us during one of these, please come and say hi.

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Go to the profile of Peter Menzel
over 8 years ago
The Extromophiles meeting is in Kyoto this year: http://www.acplan.jp/extremophiles2016/
Go to the profile of Claudio Nunes-Alves
over 8 years ago
Thank you Peter, I'll make sure to add that to the list.
Go to the profile of Yanling Wang
over 8 years ago
Frontiers in Human Microbiota Symbiotic Interactions May 23-25, 2016 (Hong Kong) http://bridgingbiomedicalworlds.com/?et_rid=17781342&et_cid=208947
Go to the profile of Claudio Nunes-Alves
over 8 years ago
Thank you Yanling, this looks great!