2018 art competition winners

The 2018 art competition inspired primary school children to think about how marvellous the human brain is ⎮ 1 min read
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2018 art competition winners

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Every year, we celebrate Brain Awareness Week, by running an art competition for Australian primary school students.

In the 2018 art competition, school children were invited to create an artwork or piece of writing that was inspired by senses.

What makes ‘sense’ in the brain?

Here are some of the brainy masterpieces won by primary school kids in 2018.

2018 winners

Category 1. Foundation year (Prep) and Year 1
1st place: Anvay A, VIC
2nd place: Madeleine L, ACT
3rd place: Shenaya H, ACT

Anvay A, VIC
Madeleine L, ACT
Shenaya H, ACT

Category 2. Years 2 – 4
1st place: Joel G, ACT
2nd place: Stefanie K, VIC
3rd place: Anabel F-G, NSW

Joel G, ACT
Stefanie K, VIC
Anabel F-G, NSW

Category 3. Years 5 – 6
1st place: Annabel B, NSW
2nd place: Angela X, ACT
3rd place: Sofia C, NSW

Annabel B, NSW
Angela X, ACT
Sofia C, NSW

Follow this link to find more details about the art competition and don't forget to send your entry in by the closing date: 16 April 2021.

This information originally appeared on The Brain Dialogue. Read the original article: https://www.brainfunction.edu.au/education-and-training/primary/artcomp2018/

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