A conversation about neuroscience

Presented by Nature Methods, Nature Neuroscience & Nature Communications
Published in Protocols & Methods

Nature Neuroscience editor Jean Mary Zarate and her colleague Sachin Ranade from Nature Communications speak with Eric Nestler and Robert Greene about neurobiology and the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2017 annual meeting.

Nature MethodsNature Neuroscience & Nature Communications present A conversation about neuroscience Moderated by Jean Mary Zarate, Nature Neuroscience Sachin Ranade, Nature Communications

Guests: Eric Nestler, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai; President of the Society for Neuroscience Robert Greene, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Overview of the video

Our first SfN. 1:20

This year's SfN. 3:53

State of the field: studying psychiatric disease in animal models. 5:39

Bridging the gap between animal models and humans, using recordings from people and behavioral tests. 9:13

Breaking down behavior into subcomponents and matching them to circuits, molecular markers and behavior. 11:00

Behavioral tests for getting closer to translation. 12:22

Breaking behavior down to its sub-components. 16:09

Working bottom-up, top-down. 18:50

Bringing together tools and concepts for cross-scale studies. 20:55

Tool development. 24:13

View to the future: SfN in 50 years 26:57

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