A love letter to smell

Discover how scientists use the human nose, one of the most accurate biosensors on the face of the Earth, to understand the mind through the brain⎮32 min listen
Published in Neuroscience
A love letter to smell

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When you're near coriander or parmesan cheese, do you smell fresh sweetness or vomit and soap?

We explore what the nose tells the brain and how the brain understands this message. 

Cognitive science tells us that the nose is a powerful biosensor which we often underestimate and underutilise.

And we hear how our sense of smell is being used by companies from Valentino to Cadillac to create their unique brand of scent. Learn more in A love letter to smell.


Dawn Goldworm, Co-founder and scent director, 12.29

Dr Ann-Sophie Barwich, Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science Program and the Department of History & Philosophy of Science Indiana University

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