FIRST WEBSITE DEDICATED TO ANATOMICAL NETWORKS AND EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, NOW ONLINE: For all of you that are interested in how humans evolved, in biology, in networks, in primates, or in life in general.. :)
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For all people interested in comparative anatomy, evolution and/or ecology: we have been asked by many colleagues when the Anatomical Networks website we developed with funds the prestigious American Association of Anatomists INNOVATION AWARD would be online.. so, finally, it is online.. this is a new methodology that employs mathematical network theory in a broader system biology approach to help address issues about complexity, evolvability, integration and modularity.

In the website you will be able to:
1) see some case studies, published in top journals, of the huge possibilities and avenues of research that are available using anatomical networks - a new methodology to study anatomy in a broader, systems biology context using network theory and thus giving particular importance to connections, a morphological tradition dating back centuries ago to authors such as St. Hillaire, but unfortunately a bit neglected in the recent past.. these case studies concern the study of the human head and limbs, comparisons with other primates, and also with humans with birth defects

2) to learn how anatomical networks are done, so you can use them yourself

3) to chat in a forum open to everybody in the website

So, please see, learn, and use this new methodology in evolutionary biology.



The website is at:

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