Bidirectional linking between Nature articles and Exchange Protocols

Published in Protocols & Methods

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Last week, the Kipnis Lab, University of Virginia uploaded two Exchange Protocols associated with their recent Nature paper.

FACS of acutely isolated mouse microglia

Assay of phagocytic function in primary murine microglia

While I am always pretty excited when people submit new protocols to the Protocol Exchange, the very latest protocols were especially pleasing for two important reasons:

(1) The authors had made special effort with their labgroup page including a photograph of their research team as the logo, and a list of key primary papers that they had published.

(2) It was the first time that we noticed that there were links from the Nature paper to the two Exchange Protocols!

If you go to the paper (Wild-type microglia arrest pathology in a mouse model of Rett syndrome), navigate to the Methods sections, and scroll down you will – as if by magic – see the two titles!

We quickly checked through other recent Exchange Protocols, and found that the links had been added retrospectively for some other Nature articles. Hopefully we will see links from other NPG titles very soon!

PS: You will probably have noticed that Exchange Protocols contain links to the relevant primary papers where they have been used.

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