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On BOLD in September, authors challenge traditional views in two areas. We might think that math requires years of study, but preschoolers have a rich set of math intuitions. We might think that disorders like dyslexia are specific, but diagnoses don’t necessarily capture all difficulties.
Published in Neuroscience
BOLD blog in Brief

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What do preschoolers know about math? You might assume they know very little, but according to Associate Professor Darko Odic, emerging research reveals that preschoolers have some astonishing number abilities. Children with no formal education in multiplication or division can intuitively multiply and divide to arrive at the approximately correct answer, he writes. Read the article here.

How specific are developmental disorders like dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder? They have historically been viewed as specific, but they are not as simple as they seem, writes BOLD Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne. Embracing the complexity of developmental disorders will lead to a better understanding of individual children and their needs, she says. Read the article here.

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