Bourbaki - a genius who exists because of maths

David Gunderman writes about Bourbaki - a name identified with making a tremendous contribution to mathematics
Published in Neuroscience
Bourbaki - a genius who exists because of maths

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If you are interested in maths, you might know of Bourbaki or maybe studied maths from one of the many texts published by that name. But in many ways, his existence defies physics as David Gunderman writes in his report: Nicolas Bourbaki: The greatest mathematician who never was published by The Conversation. Gunderman is a Ph.D. Candidate in Allied Mathematics, based at the University of Colorado Boulder and he describes how this unknown mathematical genius reputation came to be in the 1930's. The historical revelation about Bourbaki is a fascinating story, which in many ways, highlights the ingenuity of scientists when they collaborate and the existential progeny that lives on in the name of mathematics.  

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