Call for papers: 2D materials

Scientific Reports is welcoming original primary research articles for a special Guest Edited Collection in materials science.
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Call for papers: 2D materials

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Ever since the discovery of graphene, two-dimensional materials have generated significant attention due to their unique properties.

Scientific Reports, a journal from the Nature Research family, is proud to welcome original primary research articles for our upcoming “2D materials: preparation, characterization and applications” Collection.

This Collection will assemble original Articles that present novel methods to enable the synthesis of a broad spectrum of 2D materials, and that characterise their physical and electronic properties. Research into the potential uses of 2D materials is also welcome, exploring applications of their exceptional performances to electronics, clean energy, bioengineering and biosensing.

Submissions for this Collection are open through the end of August 2019. More information about this Collection and how to submit a manuscript can be found here.

The Collection is Guest Edited by Dr I-Wen Peter Chen, a tenured Professor at the Department of Applied Science at the National Taitung University, Taiwan. His research interests focus on 0D, 1D, and 2D nanomaterials synthesis and functionalization, as well as their applications in clean energy, electronic devices, biosensing and biocomposites. I-Wen Peter Chen has been serving as Editorial Board Member for Scientific Reports since 2015.

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