Communications Psychology going to conferences

Say 'hi' to our in-house editors at one of the conferences we will be attending.
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Communications Psychology going to conferences

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At Communications Psychology we always strive to keep in touch with the research community - and conferences are a great opportunity to do so. 

They allow us to strengthen relationships with potential authors and reviewers, but also to learn what is important to our readers, what concerns are of current relevance and which research topics are gaining in interest.

Our in-house editorial team greatly enjoys meeting or catching up in person with researchers. Below, I’m sharing the conferences which we will be attending this year. If you are planning to be there too, please feel free to reach out to the relevant in-house editor. 

Whether it’s simply to have an informal chat over a cup of coffee or to discuss any questions or ideas you may have for the journal - we would be delighted to meet you in-person!

APS Annual Convention, May 25-28, 2023, Washington, D.C., USA - attended by Dr Marike Schiffer (

Symposium on Biology of Decision-Making, 1-2 June 2023, Paris, France - attended by Dr Antonia Eisenkoeck (

Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology, 9-11 July 2023, Montreal, Canada - attended by Dr Antonia Eisenkoeck (

European Conference on Developmental Psychology, August 28 – September 1 2023, Turku, Finland - attended by Dr Jennifer Bellingtier (

INSIGHT Conference, 31 August - 3 September 2023, Berlin, Germany - attended by Dr  Antonia Eisenkoeck (

Workshop of the Center for Lifespan Developmental Science, October 27 2023, Jena, Germany - attended by Dr Jennifer Bellingtier (

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