Events & Conferences in 2021 - Research Data

Here is a list of research data events in 2021. Please help us to build this resource by commenting on this post.
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Events & Conferences in 2021 - Research Data

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 Research parasite/symbiont awards Hawaii, USA, 3-7 Jan 2021
 PIDapalooza Lisbon (Virtual), Portugal, 27 Jan 2021
 Love Data Week Global, 8-12 Feb 2021
Open Science Conference Berlin (Virtual), Germany, 17-19 Feb 2021
NISO Plus 2021 Global (Virtual), 22-25 Feb 2021
 Open Data Day Global, 6 Mar 2021
 RDAP 2021: Radical Change and Data Virtual, USA, 10-12 Mar 2021
 16th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC 2021) Edinburgh, UK, 19 Apr 2021
 European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2021 Virtual, 19-30 Apr 2021
 RDA Plenary 17 Edinburgh (Virtual), Scotland, 20-22 Apr 2021
 ICEIDM 2021: 15. International Conference on E-Infrastructure and Data Management Boston, USA, 22-23 Apr 2021
UCL Open Science Conference 2021 26-27 Apr 2021
Changing the Culture of Data Management and Sharing: A Workshop Virtual, 28-29 Apr 2021
 CSV Conference v6 Online, 4-5 May 2021
 ICEIDM 2021: 15. International Conference on Ecological Informatics and Data Management Vancouver, Canada, 20-21 May 2021
 INQAAHE Conference 2021 - Re-Imagining of Higher Education Quality in an Age of Uncertainty Glasglow, UK, 7-10 Jun 2021
 Japan open science summit (JOSS) 2021 Online, 14-19 Jun 2021
 ConTech Forum Virtual, 15 Jun 2021
FAIR Festival 2021 Virtual, 21-23 Jun 2021
 DCDC Conference 2021 Virtual, 28 Jun-2 Jul 2021
 IASSIST 2021 Gothenburg, Sweden, 30 Jun-2 Jul 2021
Data for Policy 2021 London, UK, 14-16 Sep 2021
 UN World Data Forum Bern, Switzerland, 3-6 Oct 2021
 International Data Week 2021 SciDataCon Seoul, Korea, 8-11 Nov 2021
Better Science through Better Data 2021 (#SciData21) TBC -
 Open Repositories 2021 Virtual, TBC
 Biocuration 2021  Virtual, TBC
 ARMA2021 Newport, UK, TBC
 EARMA Online, TBC
 Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC22)   2021 Bangkok, Thailand, TBC

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Go to the profile of Adrian Smith
over 3 years ago

Norecopa maintains a detailed global Calendar of webinars and meetings relevant to Laboratory Animal Science and Alternatives:

Go to the profile of Springer Nature
over 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing the resource and this is perfect for researchers in the field of laboratory animal science.

Go to the profile of Ana Van Gulick
over 3 years ago

The National Academies will be hosting a workshop in April that seeme relevant

Go to the profile of Springer Nature
over 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing the information about the workshop. We have added this event to our post.