Happy Birthday Communications Chemistry!

It is one year since Communications Chemistry published its first research articles. To celebrate this milestone its editors have put together a special anniversary collection.
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Happy Birthday Communications Chemistry!

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The Communications Chemistry anniversary collection highlights some of the most innovative and exciting work published across the chemical sciences in the first year of the journal. These articles were selected by the journal editorial team based on reads and shares, citations, visibility, or simply because they were personal favourites which reflect the types of study that we endeavour to publish.

We also pulled together all of our Editorials, Reviews and two new Q&A's discussing mentor-mentee working relationships and the peer review process. And we have been delighted to see so many of our authors choosing to publish Behind the Paper pieces on this very community, where they provide additional context, discussion and colour to their articles. We link to all of these blogs here, and we look forward to seeing many more during the coming year.

Finally I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of our wonderful authors, reviewers, editorial board members and readers. What a year it has been, and here's to many more!

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Go to the profile of Ben Johnson
over 5 years ago

Happy anniversary! What a great first year - with so many Behind the Paper posts...!

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