"Hello World" from Communications Psychology

A new open-access journal in the nature family, Communications Psychology, welcomes submissions from any field in psychology and neighbouring disciplines.
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"Hello World" from Communications Psychology

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We are delighted to announce that Communications Psychology is now open for submissions

A fully open-access journal from the Nature portfolio, Communications Psychology will publish robust research that advances thinking in the field. The journal will offer a platform for debate in its review and opinion section. 

Our scope includes all areas of psychology and closely allied fields, such as cognitive neuroscience, behavioural economics, meta-science of psychological research, and animal models of human behaviour.  

The journal will offer three dedicated publication formats for research: Articles, Resources, and Registered Reports.  To facilitate the exchange of ideas we will publish narrative Reviews and Perspectives. To platform community concerns and calls to action, especially the views and concerns of young researchers from underrepresented groups, we offer Comments as an opinion format. You can read more about the purpose and aim of each format here.

We want to work with psychology researchers and open-science advocates to build a journal that serves the community's needs. We take the first steps towards this goal by mandating transparent peer review for our published content; championing public deposition of analysis code; encouraging replication and generalization studies; and by adopting strong guidelines for preregistration

The editors at Communications Psychology are always happy to answer questions and keen to hear your views on the future of psychological research and the role the journal can play in it. Like our sister journals in the Communications family, the in-house team of professional editors will work closely with our academic Editorial board members, to ensure that Communications Psychology meets the needs of our community of readers, authors, and reviewers. 

We hope you will join us on this journey. 

Image credits: Adapted from Chen on Pixabay

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