Hey look! Nature Protocols has a blog!

Published in Protocols & Methods

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It is with some excitement and nervousness that I write the first test post on this new blog. We decided that it might be fun and useful for us Nature Protocols editors to have a place to write news about our content, and other stuff that might be relevant to Nature Protocols readers, and of course stuff that we as editors of Nature Protocols think is fun.

This first post, apart from being a test to see if the whole thing works, is also to ask a very important question:

What should we call our blog?

We have kicked the question around a little between us.

I am all for something straightforward like “Nature Protocols Blog”.

Dot on the other hand has suggested something more literary, perhaps “Method in the Madness” (quoting from Hamlet) though perhaps it will be more like “Madness in the Method”

Chris went all gothic and went for “The Laboratory Grimoire”.

Hannah suggested “Memoirs of a Protocolian” and is now regretting it. While Sam, who is certainly the most creative of our editorial team, hasn’t thrown her hat into the ring yet.

I am sure that you all have load of ideas, considerably better than ours! So tells us about them in the comment thread.

With many thanks and best wishes for all your experiments!


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