How to insert images into an Exchange Protocol

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Today we published a rather beautiful protocol entitled: Crystallization of Cryptophane-A and Cryptophane-A Derivatives with and without Encapsulated Guests

It contains two figures both of which have been very elegantly incorporated into the main text, so I thought I would take this opportunity to show you how to achieve this.

1| Prepare your figure. In order for it to show as an image it has to be a jpeg, png or bitmap file. Unfortunately tif files will NOT show as images. If you want it to display nicely within the framed page, it should have a width of 560 pixels or less.

2| Assuming that you are in the process of sharing a protocol, upload your figure by going to the “Images and Attachments” page. Notice that both the Name (e.g. Figure 1) and the Title (Overall heading) are required fields.

screenshot 1.PNG

3| Click on the link “How do I enter formatted text, symbols, links and images?”, and expand the section: "URLS for files uploaded via the “Images and Attachments” page.

screenshot 2.PNG

4| Copy the link for the image that you are interested in inserting including the exclamation marks, and paste it into, for example, the Introduction.

e.g. This:

screenshot 3.PNG

will result in this

screenshot 4.PNG

If you wanted to insert the thumbnail with a link to the main figure (this would be a good idea if the main figure was wider than 560 pixels), then you could insert the following html into the text:

An example of a protocol where this has been done is: Aptamer-facilitated Protein Isolation from Cells


screenshot 5.PNG

Resulted in this

screenshot 6a.PNG

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