International Women's Day 2021

Promoting diversity will improve creativity and advance our understanding of life on Earth and thus, our chances to provide responses to the current ecological crisis.
Published in Ecology & Evolution
International Women's Day 2021

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Mar Sobral & Sara Varela

Welcome to  #Hersciencesparkledmine

Today we celebrate March 8th. It is 2021, and data still show a pattern of loss of women as one ascends in the academic career. This trend shows no signs of improvement with time and the problem is global, regardless of the country or the scientific institution. This situation is maintained because measures to end this unfair structural difference are scarce and inefficient.

Aiming to learn from each other, we raised WISE in November 2020, a virtual conference that featured presentations from 24 scientists from 10 countries at different times in their professional careers, -166 people from 23 countries attended. We discussed the causes that hinder women's careers in ecology, such as invisibility, inequality in parental care or bullying. Many wonderful reflections and conversations took place, and a very empowerful environment was created. Joan Roughgarden, emeritus evolutionary biologist from Stanford University, pointed out, "there is a need for women scientists to aspire to influence rather than simply adapt to the direction of academia."

Women have been leading teams for years and opening up new fields of research in biology. Their ideas have served to get to where we are today and have influenced the careers of brilliant scientists and continue to do so.

Today, March 8th, we present


a virtual celebration of science, where 15 biologists  tell us about a female scientist who has influenced them in their career.

Happy March 8th
Mar Sobral & Sara Varela

Thanks to all people contributing in this initiative, Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET), WISE participants and participants in  #HerScienceSparkledMine and U Vigo, U Santiago, Transmitting Science and @Ecopast. Art by @Cireniasketches.

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