International Women´s Day 2022

for a sustainable world; #sustainability, #peace, #equality
Published in Ecology & Evolution
International Women´s Day 2022

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8M 2022 for a sustainable world; #sustainability, #peace, #equality

How long will we continue to support a production system that does not understand the simplest natural rules, such as the fact that natural resources are finite and therefore infinite growth is an absurd chimera?

A production system that leads the world to natural collapse, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicated a few days ago.

A system that uses the vulnerable as fuel: developing countries, oppressed classes, subjugated races, and of course women. Happy 8M2022.

A system that turns all human activities—including science—into economic forces governed by the same unnatural principles of unlimited growth and productivity, empty of content, meaningless. A system that squelches creativity and  pushes to the limit the mental health of lots of future scientists who potentially could contribute to a new world with their discoveries. A system that flogs them like racehorses through bibliometric indexes…(H, Down Jones?)... to amuse whom?

A system that generates cruel wars —wars that deeply embarrasses us all—  in a struggle to conquer space, resources, products, things, and more things, supposed "wealth".

To understand 8M of 2022, we must talk about war, climate change, and absurd capitalism.

This system is going to explode, what are we going to do next?


Many thanks to P.L. Salgado, J.S. Fernandez, S. Varela, T. Quintela, L. Sampedro  and L. Willoughby for feedback. 

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