Meet the 2019 physics ECR travel grant recipient!

​We are pleased to announce the recipient of the Communications Physics travel grant for early-career researchers.
Meet the 2019 physics ECR travel grant recipient!

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The Communications journals first introduced travel grants for early career researchers in 2018 to help promising researchers travel to an international scientific meeting of their choice that they would otherwise have not been able to attend due to a lack of funds. 

The recipients were chosen by a judging panel consisting of both professional editors and practicing scientists, following a comprehensive assessment process.

Communications Physics Travel Grant Recipient

Lara Martini
National University of Rosario (UNR) and Institute of Physics Rosario (CONICET-UNR), Argentina
Lara is currently completing her PhD, studying delay control in laser-assisted photoionization of water molecules. In February 2020, she will attend the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Francisco, USA.

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