Music and the brain

In this podcast, hear about new insights into the complex relationship between music and cognition ⎮ 29 min 6 sec Listen
Published in Neuroscience
Music and the brain

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Music deeply affects us emotionally, and individually — and now we know that our relationship with music provides a unique opportunity to gain further insight into the workings of the brain itself. We discuss the latest in music research with one of the editors of The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain. Hear about why we may prefer particular types of music, how being a musician can change the brain over time, and what happens to our musicality as we age. 

Learn more by listening to the podcast Music and the brain.

Further Information

The Nun Study: An article about the study, published in May 2001 — from The New York Times archive.


Emeritus Professor Donald A. Hodges, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Image - Gerd Altmann 

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