Nature Water Webinar Series

Free webinars exploring topics from the first issue of the journal.
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Nature Water Webinar Series

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Nature Water published it's first issue this month and to celebrate we've organized a series of webinars with some of the authors from the issue. In the webinars we'll be discussing and delving deeper into the topics of some of the first papers with the authors themselves. We hope you can join us for these interesting and insightful conversations.

Focussed around several areas, find out more and sign up for the webinars of interest to you below:

Focus on water treatment systems. February 1st, 13.00 GMT.
In this webinar, editors Fabio Pulizzi and Shujuan Zhang will be talking to Menachem Elimelech about metal recovery from wastewater and with Bin Liu about his work on electrochemical hydrogenation.
Register at:

Focus on water investments and affordability. February 1st, 16.00 GMT.
Editor Karin Sjöstrand will be talking to Tom Mueller about uneven benefits of water infrastructure spending and with Benjamin Rachunok about water affordability.
Register at:

Focus on social sciences and open science. February 2nd, 13.00 GMT.
Editor Fabio Pulizzi will be talking to Julia Martin-Ortega about the role of social sciences in water research and with Stanislaus Schymanski and Rhea Verbeke about open science.
Register at:

Focus on groundwater. February 2nd, 15.00 GMT.
In this webinar, editor Yanhua Chen will be talking to Oliver Schilling about deep groundwater contribution to Fuji’s springs and with Maegan Shipanski about her work on groundwater governance.
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    This journal publishes research on the evolving relationship between society and water resources on a monthly basis. It covers the natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences, with a particular interest in regards to interdisciplinary research.

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