New Channel - Gallery Neuro

A new Channel featuring images of the living brain ⎮ 46 sec read
New Channel - Gallery Neuro

Neuroscientists capture the living brain to understand how this complex organ is structured and functions.

Gallery Neuro is a new Channel featuring images of brains from all organisms, providing an important window of discovery to an otherwise invisible part of the anatomy. Without the research of neuroscientists, we would be ignorant of the intricacy of neurons, how they connect, interpret and communicate information from their environment, ultimately shaping what an individual is. 

You’re welcome to contribute your neuro images captured as part of your research work or artistic pieces you have created that are inspired by the brain. You might include a description of the image, a credit for the people involved, the research laboratory or organisation and how the image informs scientists understanding of how the brain learns or what inspired the creation of the art work. 

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