Parents going to tuition to help their kids

Education centres in Singapore are now offering 'boot camps' for parents
Parents going to tuition to help their kids

I just stumbled upon a somewhat surprising article in The Straits Times from Singapore.

Parents go for tuition - to help their kids

In short, more and more parents in Singapore are attending workshops, tutorials, or crash courses to help their young children (some as young as 6!) with their studies. I don't know if this is a good or bad idea. I see there is a quote from a Dr Timothy Chan, "It will not help the child excel on his or her own. In the long run, children will benefit more from parental support such as encouragement, reassurance and understanding, than getting the right answers with the help of parents." But I wonder if his assessment is evidence-based?

I'd be interested to know what our various Science of Learning experts here in the Community think of these developments in Singapore. Also, can our experts provide any evidence as to whether the approach of these parents would hinder or help their children?

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