#scidata17 lightning talks (session 1)

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#scidata17 lightning talks (session 1)

All the slides from the first lightning talk session at Better Science through Better Data (#scidata17). This session was entitled 'Research, sharing and reuse' and showcased real examples fromĀ researcher's of open science andĀ  data sharing in action.


Practising Open Science in India - Arul George Scaria, Co-Director, Centre for Innovation, IP and Competition (CIIPC)

Benefits of sharing rich clinical neuroimaging data - Cyril Pernet, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, Edinburgh Imaging, University of Edinburgh

Data Sharing from Hypertension Clinical Trials - Jack Tsao, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Metadata challenges from the world's longest running agronomic experiment - Margaret Glendining, Rothamsted Research

Open (Seismic Data + Exchange Format + Libraries + Source Code) = Open Research - Thomas Lecocq, Royal Observatory of Belgium

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