Share your stories on COVID-19

Open for contributions: share your thoughts and experiences on the current coronavirus pandemic.
Published in Ecology & Evolution
Share your stories on COVID-19

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COVID-19 is having an extraordinary impact across every aspect of our daily lives. I have never seen supermarkets totally devoid of items, my partner was furloughed at the start of April, and my mother, in her 70s and a recent transplant patient, is extremely vulnerable.

It's now over 3 months since I began working from home. The nature of my job means that I was able to transition from office to home working with limited disruption, and there's been no shortage of work to be getting on with. I am so grateful for this as I know that for many people working from home is difficult or basically impossible. 

How's it been for you? 

Are you able to run a research group and teach remotely? How accessible are labs and equipment? Are other academic duties taking priority at the moment? How do you think COVID-19 will change the research landscape as we move forward?

We encourage you to share your stories in our COVID-19 channel, including tips and advice, challenges and frustrations, progress and accomplishments. 

We’d love to hear from you during this time, but the most important thing is keep healthy, stay connected and look after yourself, friends and family.

Posted as the UK lowers its COVID-19 alert level to Level 3 (epidemic is in general circulation).

Poster image: a clear view of the London skyline from a park in South London on a sunny day, free of pollution. 

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