Springer Nature opens its doors to early career researchers for Falling Walls Lab in London

On 1 October 2019, Springer Nature will be hosting a Falling Walls Lab at its Kings Cross Campus, the first of its kind in London.
Springer Nature opens its doors to early career researchers for Falling Walls Lab in London

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The Falling Walls Lab is a platform that enables the next generation of problem solvers to showcase their ground-breaking research and initiatives on the national and global stage. Each candidate has just 3 minutes to present their work in a fast-paced and highly competitive tournament, which is themed around the concept of ‘breaking the walls’ between disciplines, communities and other silos to overcome the most critical issues affecting society. The winner of each regional Lab gets the chance to compete in the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November. The three winners of the Finale win a cash prize and the opportunity to speak at the Falling Walls Conference, which is hosted the following day on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Now, with the support of Imperial College London, Springer Nature has agreed to host the very first Falling Walls Lab London. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the wealth of innovation arising in the creative minds of young researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs within London, the South-East and across the UK. Students, postdocs and those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or PhD in recent years are all eligible to apply to participate in the Lab.

Advancements in technology featured heavily in the Falling Walls Lab Finale in 2018. The three winners presented a 3D printed injection mold used to create realistic human organs, a reading glove that converts printed text to braille in real time and a nano-fiber filter to remove particles from water. These breakthroughs demonstrated the capacity of young visionaries to find new solutions to uphold and improve our quality of life. Yet every year Falling Walls continues to ask, “Which are the next walls to fall?”

Springer Nature hopes to draw on the UK’s young innovators to answer this question on 1 October. Every day noteworthy contributions to society from the UK are published in Springer Nature journals, books and magazines where they are shared with the world, but a variety of formats are needed to communicate these discoveries to have the widest audience and have the greatest impact. This is why it will be our pleasure to offer a stage for these young voices to be heard and to send our winner to the Falling Walls Lab Finale to compete against the winners from Labs across the world.

Eligible candidates can apply to the Falling Walls Lab London at falling-walls.com/lab/apply/europe  until 10 September 2019. The costs of travel and accommodation for the winner to attend the Finale in Berlin will be covered by the Falling Walls Foundation and Springer Nature.



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