The decline of the Arabian Leopard Panthera pardus nimr in Saudi Arabia: a values-based plan for future management

This paper, published in Springer Nature: Biodiversity & Conservation, addresses the critical decline of Arabian leopards in Saudi Arabia. After a brief rise in the 1960s, leopard records have dropped to zero since 2014.
Published in Ecology & Evolution

This majestic cat is nearly extinct in Saudi Arabia. Our research just published in Nature: Biodiversity Conservation shows a worrying decline & highlights steps we can take to bring them back. We need to:

  1. Protect suitable habitat & ensure prey availability.
  2. Reduce human-caused threats like predation.
  3. Manage their genetic diversity for a healthy population.
  4. Build community support for their conservation.

Together, we can ensure a future for Arabian Leopards in Saudi Arabia! #conservation #endangeredspecies #arabian leopard #saudiArabiaArabian Leopards in Peril: A Management Plan

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