The evolution of minds

Podcast - How evolution and the theory of natural selection has affected the design of the human mind
Published in Neuroscience
The evolution of minds

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The human brain is capable of so much and despite our advancements in research we have yet to understand its total complexity, what influences the mind, why it behaves in certain ways, how it communicates and thinks.

Professor Daniel Dennett is a Cognitive Scientist and Charles Darwin Scholar from Tufts University, Massachusetts, America. He describes the evolution of the human mind as a product of mindless processes and near random influences over time and refers to Charles Darwins Theory of Natural Selection as contributing in part to our success as a dominant species. But will the same momentum that has secured our achievement on Earth keep going or will it end abruptly?

Listen to this interesting perspective presented by the The Philosophers Zone on ABC National Radio. 

Special Guest: Daniel Dennett, Cognitive scientist and Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University, Massachusetts, America

Presenter: David Rutledge

Broadcast Date: 30 September 2018

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