Top 100 in Chemistry from 2023 | Scientific Reports

This collection focuses on the most downloaded* articles from Scientific Reports published in 2023
Published in Chemistry and Materials
Top 100 in Chemistry from 2023 | Scientific Reports

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The Scientific Reports team is pleased to announce the most read* articles from 2023. Featuring authors from around the world in Chemistry and allied fields, these papers highlight valuable research from an international community. 

From the green photocatalytic systems to kombucha beverages made from black teas and pineapple peels, our top 100 articles for 2023 in Chemistry has it all.

Some fascinating works on  photo patternable perovskite QDs for micro-LEDs displays, chalcogenide phase change materials and lithium hydroxide as a high-capacity adsorbent for CO2 capture are presented by our authors as they utilized the materials chemistry to solve the real world problems.

In addition, there are some interesting geochemical explorations of the underexploited invisible gold resources in South Africa and Cumbre Vieja volcanic eruption in Canary Islands along with the contemporary AI-accelerated protein-ligand docking for SARS-CoV-2 detection and more.

Congratulations to all authors who contributed to these highly valuable research papers!

*Data obtained from SN Insights, which is based on Digital Science's Dimensions.

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