Top 100 in Neuroscience from 2023 | Scientific Reports

The Scientific Reports team is pleased to announce the most read* articles from 2023 in neuroscience. Featuring authors from around the world, these papers highlight valuable research from an international community.
Published in Neuroscience
Top 100 in Neuroscience from 2023 | Scientific Reports

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Research in the domains of neuroscience is crucial for unraveling the intricate workings of cognition, emotion, and behavior. These investigations play a pivotal role in paving the way for advancements in treatment of neurological disorders, mental health care, and overall well-being.

In 2023, Scientific Reports published a broad spectrum of neuroscience papers, spanning various research domains including anatomy, physiology, development, plasticity, cognition, neurodegenerative diseases, and therapeutics. This inclusive coverage offers readers a comprehensive overview of contemporary advancements in neuroscience. For those seeking detailed insights into these pioneering studies, we recommend exploring the Top 100 in Neuroscience collection!

Congratulations to all authors who contributed to these highly valuable research papers!

*Data obtained from SN Insights, which is based on Digital Science's Dimensions.

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