Tuneable Terahertz Surface Plasmons Excitation in a Metal‑Air‑Metal Symmetrical Structure by Relativistic Electron Beam

Terahertz radiation frequency lies in the range of 0.1–10 THz and known as THz Gap . THz radiation is novel type radiation and has several unique properties like as quantum and electronic properties of materials, nonionizing properties, easily penetrates through most polymeric materials.
Published in Physics

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In this paper , we study the properties of plasmons in THz frequency range that arise when a beam passes through the gap between two metallic plates. The structure supports 
the field of guided electromagnetic modes or SPs and have 
minimum value at the middle of the gap, so the electron beam 
passing through this air gap, experiences a converging force 
and this electron beam can propagate without any divergence 
through this gap. These SPs have lower phase velocity than 
the free space velocity of photon, so SPs can be excited by a 
moving relativistic electron beam via Cherenkov interaction. 
A relativistic electron beam moving through this air gap, it 
resonantly excites the SPs in THz frequency and these THz-
SPs are transformed into Coherent THz radiation, when they 
passing over a periodic structure.The proposed structure will open the possibility to design 
a compact source for coherent and tuneable THz radiation generation in broad spectrum regime, which will be useful for 
medical diagnostics, photonics devices, etc.

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