What is a journal badge and how do I add one?

Journal badges are a great way to help people find your post, read on to see how to add the correct badges to your post.
What is a journal badge and how do I add one?

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When creating a post on the Community, you will see a field titled ‘Journal’ on the right-hand side menu:

The different tabs available on the 'Create a post' page, with the 'Journal' tab highlighted by a red rectangle.

You can use the search function under 'Assignable Journals'.

If you are writing a Behind the Paper post, you need to ensure that the badge you select is based on the journal your article was published in. Only one journal should be selected.

If you can’t find a badge for your journal, please leave it empty and get in touch with us

After your post is published, this journal badge will appear on top of your post.

Three Behind the Paper post summary boxes, showing the title, the image of the post, the author's information and the journal badge.

The journal badges work as a way of grouping all the posts from the same journal in one place, which can be accessed by clicking on the badge of a published post. This makes it easier for readers to find and engage with your post and other posts they might be interested in.

A collection of Behind the Paper summary boxes for four posts from Nature Communications authors.

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