Zika virus video from PhD comics

PhD comics sums up what we know about Zika virus
Zika virus video from PhD comics

Following swiftly on from their recent microbiome video, PhD comics have now released a Zika video, introducing what we know about the virus in a mere 1 minute 13 seconds. An expression of how little we actually know, perhaps? This previously underestimated virus is now causing major concern in the Americas, particularly with regard to its link to neurological conditions such as infant microcephaly and is hitting the news almost daily.

A number of funding bodies have directed money towards Zika research, and an agreement with the World Health Organisation means that the majority of Zika papers will be open access and the data publically available. Hopefully this will stimulate a rapid development in our understanding of Zika, its link to birth defects and strategies for combatting the virus.

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