Gao Jianguo (He/Him)

PI, Xinjiang University
  • China

About Gao Jianguo

Dr. Gao Jianguo (高建国, 博士) mainly focuses on, but not limited to: Plant-Water Relations, Plant Physiological Ecology, Tree Physiology, Ecosystem Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Sustainability Science. He graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and after then, turned into a well-trained scientist by interior motivation and love for science. His interests are actually extensive and wild, most of them constrained to Botany and Ecology. He was well-trained in science and as the first author published several peer-reviewed papers.

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Let’s drink up this glass of species wine!

The keywords, "speciation" and "climate change" deeply attracted me, and instantly a million related documents, pictures, words, and ideas rushing into my brain.

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Recent Comments

Nov 08, 2022

Hi, Jing, Well Done!
It would be more interesting your field story and field photos here~~Field work is really fun, cheers~

May 26, 2021

Well done! Sisi. Glad to see you here.

Jul 15, 2020

A Chinese version of this post can be available here:

Jul 14, 2020

It's a so wonderful post and contains so many beautiful photos!~
There probably occurs a misspell: he prairie sunflower, The prairie sunflower.

Jul 07, 2020

Excellent work!!
The reason for "the rise of modern angiosperms was delayed for longer in tropical ecosystems than in temperate and arid ecosystems", is there a possibility that the evolved flowering plants in the high latitude areas and then migrated to the tropics?
By the way, the flowering image is wonderful, is this your work? Do you have the names (Latin name, source, credit) of these 54 flowers? Probably you can email me a word version of the figure caption (


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