Ljuba (Lyuba) Novi

Postdoc , Georgia Institute of Technology
  • United States of America

About Ljuba (Lyuba) Novi

I am a marine fluid dynamicist with a background in engineering and numerical modeling.

I work at the intersection between physical oceanography, complex networks, marine ecology and data science. I seek to better understand the major physical interactions between marine ecosystems connectivity, ocean dynamics and climate variability over a wide range of scales. 

The research I do, together with my colleagues, aims at supporting marine and coastal planners with novel approaches to better address the design of marine protected areas, targeted marine ecosystems restoration actions and Nature Based Solutions applications.

In my spare time, I have a passion for learning new languages, solo travels, photography, martial arts and playing the flute. I am totally in love with Italian food and wine tasting!  

I firmly believe that applying ocean science to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities is a top priority, as well as a responsibility for scientists.