Water Crisis in Central Asia

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Examination of regional water governance and water insecurity issues in Central Asia - Sustainable Water Resources Management

Central Asia is struggling with water management challenges due to the dry climate and increasing demand for water. The Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers, which are highly dependent on irrigation, are becoming potential problem areas. Despite concerted efforts, these challenges are exacerbated by problems such as melting glaciers, natural disasters, population growth and urbanization. A comprehensive understanding of water scarcity and geopolitical interdependencies in the region is essential. In this study, the water conflicts in Central Asia are revisited using a mixed methods approach. Its aim is to take a fresh look at the water crisis, address the challenges of water management and examine the factors that influence water conflicts, regional power dynamics and water governance. The study highlights the potential for conflict, regional instability and disruption of peace arising from population growth and economic competition in the shared watersheds of Central Asia. The study advocates regional cooperation, sustainable water management and peacebuilding in the region. It focuses on strategies for sustainable development, efficient water resource management and lasting stability. The results are intended to contribute to the broader discourse on water management and lay the foundation for future studies in similar regions.


This is AI-generated video [from text to video], so behind photos do not depict Central Asia.

the full research paper is here: Ahn, YJ., Juraev, Z. Examination of regional water governance and water insecurity issues in Central Asia. Sustain. Water Resour. Manag. 10, 118 (2024).


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