Collection: Lipid Metabolism in the Liver

I am pleased to announce that due to high interest, we’re now extended the submission deadline for npj Metabolic Health and Disease's special collection on 'Lipid metabolism in the liver.'
Published in Anatomy & Physiology

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You can now submit manuscripts until 30 June 2024!

In particular, we’re keen to receive high-quality original research on the following topics:
- Targeting lipid metabolism for treating NAFLD
- Hepatic lipid metabolism and insulin resistance
- Endocrine function of the liver
- Sphingolipids
- Circulating lipids as biomarkers for liver dysfunction
- Genetic factors underlying increased lipid burden

Read the call for papers here:

As an open access journal, we are also able to consider APC waiver requests on an ad hoc basis. Authors can contact us at with any pre-submission queries.

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