Editors' highlights: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To promote the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Editors from across our hybrid and OA oncology journals have chosen the following articles to highlight the latest advances in breast cancer research.
Editors' highlights: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign held in October to raise awareness about the prevalence of breast cancer and promote early detection, education, and support for individuals affected by this disease.

In recognition of this awareness month, Editors from across our hybrid and OA oncology journals have chosen the following articles to highlight the latest advances in breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Research

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia

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Cancer Biology
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Cancer Disparities

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal to Reduce Inequalities (SDG10), this collection aims to bring together articles enhancing our understanding of cancer health disparities across the different dimensions of inequality research.

There are many expanding fields of health inequalities research but this collection will include articles examining disproportionate cancer burdens in populations such as: rural-urban, gender/sexual, racial/ethnic, religious minority and socioeconomic status groups, and of course any group where health inequality needs to be addressed.

This wider collection builds upon our existing collections more specifically focused on 'Racial and ethnic disparities in cancer' and 'Racial and ethnic disparities in cancer in the US'.

We are building an ongoing knowledge base of content from across oncology journals to increase the discoverability of articles in this important research area. Thus, we call for new contributions to this collection and invite you to read recent research below.

We also wish to highlight a related webinar recording 'Roundtable on Black in cancer research and oncology'.

Editors for Supportive Care in Cancer: Dr Devon Check and Prof Janet de Groot

Editors for Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases: Dr Samuel L. Washington III, Dr Jun Luo, Dr Yaw Nyame, Dr Randy Vince Jr and Dr Jennifer Beebe-Dimmer

Please note that other journals participating in the collection do not have specific Guest Editors appointed and manuscripts are handled on a case by case basis by members of our editorial boards.

Publishing Model: Hybrid

Deadline: Ongoing

Methods and Models in Mammary Gland Biology and Breast Cancer Research

Scientific discoveries go hand in hand with our ability to find ways to model phenomena of interest, to experimentally test hypotheses, and to extract information. Therefore, a handful of protocols, inherited from trustworthy seasoned colleagues, together with new or tweaked protocols developed on a trial-error basis as well as new approaches enabled by recent technological advances are an essential part of every scientist’s toolbox. To enable dissemination of protocols as well as discussion on methods, models and techniques used in mammary gland biology and breast cancer research, we are opening this collection of articles. We welcome a wide range of articles, including primary research articles, protocol-based articles, reviews, and perspectives. Potential techniques include but are not limited to cell and tissue culture techniques, image or data analysis tools, animal models and in vivo approaches, high-throughput methods etc.

This collection is associated with the conference “The 14th Annual Workshop of the European Network for Breast Development and Cancer: Methods in Mammary Gland Biology and Breast Cancer”, which will take place on 27-29 April 2023 in Switzerland. Submission to this collection is open to the worldwide scientific community working in the respective field of research. To express your interest to contribute, please contact the Editors of this collection: Zuzana Sumbalova Koledova (koledova@med.muni.cz) and Johanna Englund (johanna.englund@helsinki.fi)

Important dates:

The deadline for abstract submission is the 1st of September 2023. Please send your abstract to the Editor.

The deadline for manuscript submission is the 15th of November 2023.

Publishing Model: Open Access

Deadline: Feb 15, 2024