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Differential inheritance of gene content among maize, rice, wheat, and bamboos following ancestral duplications and possible contribution to morphological and physiological differences

Grasses share a whole genome duplication called rho; we used both chromosomal collinearity and gene phylogeny to investigate the pattern of duplicate retention in different grass groups and found differentially retained duplicates that are implicated in environmental adaptations or morphogenesis.
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Apr 23, 2024

Studying animal seed dispersal and forest regeneration: where cutting-edge modelling techniques meet intensive field-based research

Behind every large-scale ecological model is the indispensable fieldwork of numerous experts on the ground. Here, we dive into the collective research effort behind our latest paper – highlighting four datasets on frugivory, animal behaviour, gut passage time of seeds, and forest restoration.
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Danielle Leal Ramos and 2 others
Apr 19, 2024