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Coordinate transcriptional regulation of ErbB2/3 by C-terminal binding protein 2 signals sensitivity to ErbB2 inhibition in pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Tracking down targets of the oncogenic epigenetic regulator C-terminal Binding Protein in a mouse pancreatic cancer (PDAC) model led us to ErbB3, highly expressed in up to 60% of PDAC, and the possibility for precision therapy in ErbB3+ PDAC using FDA-approved or novel anti-ErbB2/3 agents.
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Nov 24, 2023


Despite the rich coordination chemistry, hydroxylamines are rarely used as ligands for transition metal coordination compounds. Here we designed macrocyclic poly-N-hydroxylamines (crown-hydroxylamines) that form complexes containing a d-metal ion and coordinate by up to six hydroxylamine fragments.
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Nov 24, 2023