Taco Kooij

Assistant professor, Radboudumc
  • Netherlands

About Taco Kooij

Taco Kooij is a “young” molecular/cellular parasitologist with a broad interest in the biology and evolution of apicomplexan parasites and their intimate relationships with their hosts. He is particularly interested in how malaria parasite (Plasmodium) biology has adapted to facilitate the switching between vertebrate and mosquito hosts. He leads the molecular parasitology team of the Nijmegen malaria research group. In addition to hosting interns in the lab and contributing to several courses, he co-ordinates and teaches the master specialisation course “Molecular Parasitology”. On Tuesdays, he is active as an elected member of the works council representing the employees with a focus on research and education. His biggest passion is working with truly young talent guiding them during their professional development together exploring the peculiar biology of the malaria parasite.

Subject Areas

Cell and Molecular Biology Infectious Diseases Science Communication