Anna Barnacka (She/Her)

CEO, MindMics Inc
  • United States of America

About Anna Barnacka

Anna Barnacka, Ph.D., is the CEO and founder of MindMics, the actionable health monitoring company. MindMics has invented a breakthrough in precision monitoring to capture unique human audiome health data through in-ear headphones. Anna finished her NASA Einstein Fellowship at Harvard in 2018 and has a track of leading diverse and pioneering teams that solve intractable problems by working at the leading edge of signal processing, data analysis, numerical modeling, software development, and infrastructures and instrumentation, as well as commercialization strategies. Anna has a dozen patents to her name related to in-ear infrasonic hemodynography. In addition to her breakthrough innovations, she has co-authored more than 90 peer-reviewed scientific publications on astroparticle physics, black holes, and, in particular, the phenomena of gravitational lensing. She pioneered techniques for turning gravitational lenses into high-resolution telescopes.

Subject Areas

Aging Cardiovascular Data Development Digital Medicine Global Health Health Equity Mental Health Physiology Prevention Respiratory Science Communication Smart and Wearable Devices Therapeutics