Aram Amassian (He/Him)

Professor, North Carolina State University
  • United States of America

About Aram Amassian

Dr. Amassian is a materials scientist and engineer whose research focuses on emerging semiconductor materials for energy, photonics and electronics applications. He is best known for pioneering work in solution processing where he is credited with introducing advanced in situ characterization methods like x-ray scattering during spin coating and similar coating processes. His research focuses on understanding formulation-process-structure-property relationships in organic and hybrid semiconductors with an emphasis on development of predictive frameworks that enable design of stable, high performance next generation semiconductors and processing science towards scalable and sustainable manufacturing. His research team is highly interdisciplinary and is developing high throughput experimentation platforms combining robotics, automation, inline and in situ diagnostics, all of which are augmented with artificial intelligence and machine learning. These materials acceleration platforms (MAPs) will enable truly autonomously closed-loop optimization and smart material to device co-design.


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