How can I update my pronouns?

The Research Communities are an inclusive space for all those interested in exploring the latest research. Using someone’s correct pronouns, and sharing your own, helps to foster inclusion across the Community and beyond. Here we share how you can add your pronouns to your profile.
How can I update my pronouns?

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Gender pronouns are the way people choose to refer to themselves based on their gender identity. Examples might be he/him or she/her, or gender neutral pronouns such as they/them. Now, everyone has the ability to add their own pronouns to their Community profile. 

Why should I consider adding my pronouns to my profile?

Whilst Community members are not required to share their pronouns if they are not comfortable doing so, there are a number of benefits to sharing your pronouns, regardless of whether people usually use the correct pronouns for you. Normalising the sharing of pronouns will make others, particularly trans and non-binary people, feel more comfortable to share theirs, as well as reinforcing the point that a person’s pronouns shouldn’t be assumed. Sharing your pronouns can also be helpful if your name isn’t exclusively associated with a particular gender or may be unfamiliar to people from a different country or culture.

A screen grab showing the drop down menu and a red rectangle highlighting the eighth option: 'Edit Profile'

How can I add my pronouns to
my profile?

First, navigate to the top right hand corner on any Community page and click on your profile image. A drop down menu will appear; you should then click on ‘Edit profile’.

Under the Personal Details section, you will see an option called ‘Pronouns’ with an arrow. Clicking on this arrow will display a drop down menu that allows you to select your pronouns from the list, or create a personalised pronoun – by selecting ‘Personalize’. If you would prefer not to display your pronouns on your profile, you can alternatively select ‘Prefer not to say’.

The drop down menu on the Edit Profile page, showing options for 'Prefer not to say', 'She/Her', 'He/Him', 'They/Them' and 'Personalize'

Once you have selected your pronouns, a banner will appear at the bottom of the screen recognising that you have made a change to your profile. Click the ‘save’ button on the banner to save your changes. Your pronouns will now appear on your profile page, as well as other places your bio is featured across the Community, for example at the bottom of posts you have created.

What do I need to do if I’m part of other Research Communities?

If you are part of more than one Research Community, your pronouns will now be displayed across all Communities, so you don’t need to repeat this process in each Community. You’ll see your pronouns displayed on your profile the next time you log in.

How can I see another user’s pronouns?

If the Community member has chosen to share their pronouns, you will be able to see this information on their profile page and other places their personal bio is featured, such as at the bottom of their posts or in user searches. 

An icon representing the Springer Nature Group Pride NetworkIf you’d like to find out more about personal pronouns and why they matter, take a look at this document from the SN Pride team

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