#SFB2019: A great conference with great scientists!

As the recipient of the first Early Career Researcher Travel Grant from Communications Chemistry, I had the chance to attend the Society of Biomaterials annual meeting which was held in Seattle, Washington (3-6 April, 2019).
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#SFB2019: A great conference with great scientists!

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SFB2019 was an amazing conference, with so many aspects and recent application areas of biomaterials discussed. It was a great opportunity for me to meet with pioneers of biomaterials. I listened to their research and had the chance to introduce myself. I am sure their valuable advice and guidance will help me a lot!

The scientific programme contained a lot of workshops and specialized meetings. I tried to benefit from the programme as much as I could, and three days passed almost entirely in the conference centre running from one talk to another. The 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering and nanomedicine related workshops were especially useful. I met with a lot of researchers from all around the world and widened my network for further collaborations.

Also, I learned a lot about how to translate academic research results into industry by talking to researchers from several different companies. Although regulations are different for each country, I came to know what parameters are most important for designing biomaterial-based products from beginning to market or clinical release. Companies at the exhibition area were so open that we could discuss their products and instruments in detail. To my opinion, one should evaluate such big conferences as valuable chances to interact with other researchers, find future collaborations and have idea about companies for both consumables and instrumentations. This will also improve our ability to explain our ideas and research in a more understandable way and learn how to ask for details of other people’s research.

I was so excited to attend to this amazing conference, what a great feeling to be at the heart of biomaterials. I would like to express my gratitude one more time to Communications Chemistry for making this happen with the Early Career Researcher Travel Grant.

This grant provides a great opportunity for researchers who are at the beginning of their career to widen their network and meet with new scientists in their field. I strongly believe that being aggressive on applying these grants will increase the chance of getting your work visible and allow early career researchers belong into the most appropriate scientific community.   

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