Thandavarayan Ramamurthy

National Chair, Translational Health Science Institute of Technology
  • India

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RESEARCH EXPERIENCE 1. Clinical Microbiology: Isolation, identification, antimicrobial susceptibility testing and virulence characterization of human pathogens with special reference to Escherichia coli, salmonellae, shigellae, campylobacters, Clostridium difficile, Corynebacterium spp., Bacteroides fragilis and vibrios. 2. Environmental and Food Microbiology: Isolation and identification of marine methanogenic bacteria. Water pollution studies, ecology of enteric bacteria and quality control of seafood. Rapid detection of food-borne pathogens with special reference to enteric bacteria. 3. Immunological techniques: Production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Rapid detection of enteric toxins by ultra-sensitive Beads ELISA. 4. Biological assay: Detection of bacterial toxins by tissue culture assay. 5. Molecular biology: Cloning and sequencing analysis, PCR, epidemiological analysis using pulsed field-gel electrophoresis (PFGE). 6. Analysis of multiple antibiotic resistance mechanisms using molecular techniques. 7. Whole genome sequencing: Human pathogens and gut microbes


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Very nice work. I am interested to know whether Candidatus spp oxidise sulphide in vitro.