2022 Top 100 in Chemistry | Scientific Reports

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2022 Top 100 in Chemistry | Scientific Reports

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The Scientific Reports team is pleased to announce the most read* articles from 2022 in Chemistry. Featuring authors from around the world, these papers highlight valuable research from an international community.

In 2022, Scientific Reports published over 4000 chemistry papers and we are pleased to share with you 100 of the most downloaded articles* from last year. 

Top 100 in Chemistry

Congratulations to all authors who contributed to these highly valuable research papers!

Maybe not completely unsurprising, the top downloaded article is about face masks and how effective they are filtering out bacteria and small particles. (spoiler: they are more than 90% effective)

Enjoy browsing our collection! You will discover some real gems in there.

*Data obtained from SN Insights, which is based on Digital Science's Dimensions.


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