Behind the Paper Top Ten: 2019

Our most viewed Behind the Paper posts of 2019
Behind the Paper Top Ten: 2019

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Happy New Year!

Let's begin 2020 with a run-down of our Top Ten most viewed* Behind the Paper posts of 2019, book-ended by sticky tape and a robot bee! 

  1. A post from October on the invention of a strong dry double-sided tape that can adhere to wet tissues and devices within five seconds takes the top spot - by Hyunwoo Yuk

  2. The origin of negative capacitance in ferroelectrics is explained by Michael Hoffmann in his post - our second most viewed BTP.  

  3. In at no.3, Xiaodong Xu’s post shares recent advancements in moiré pattern optics.

  4. Contactless monitoring of medical vital signs is the topic of our fourth most viewed Behind the Paper, contributed by Marco Mercuri.     

  5. Chao Li’s post on making miniature atomic beams is our fifth most viewed post.   

  6. A post from Anqi Zhang describing the design of a new nanodevice that can read electrical activity from inside multiple cells at the same time is at no.6.  

  7. Quasicrystal patterning is the topic of our seventh most viewed BTP of 2019, contributed by Tomonari Dotera.

  8. In our most viewed eighth post, Davide Bacco writes about the challenges of developing quantum key distribution for secure communication. 

  9. In at no.9, a post on improving memory devices using 2D materials by Aaron Voon-Yew Thean

  10. And just making the Top Ten is Noah Thomas Jafferis’ post on the RoboBee!   

Thanks to all our Behind the Paper contributors from 2019 (we published 188 posts) and congratulations to those that made our Top Ten. We look forward to many more electrical, optical, material, physical, etc. stories in 2020. 

If you would like to post a Behind the Paper and don't see the 'Contribute' option along the menu bar, then please get in touch with us and we can update your profile. 

We also happily welcome Behind the Papers from journals other than our own, like this one by Philipp del Hougne on a paper he published in Advanced Science. 

*using Google Analytics. 

Poster image is from Anqi Zhang's Behind the Paper (no.6)

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