BMC Global and Public Health: New journal to advance SDG research

BMC Global and Public Health, the newest addition to the selective BMC journals, is now open for submissions.
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BMC Global and Public Health: New journal to advance SDG research

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The new selective BMC journal BMC Global and Public Health is now open for submissions. The journal will consider important advances and influential research and opinion in all areas of global and public health, and we will publish a unique set of high-impact content including Research, Systematic Reviews, Registered Reports, as well as Reviews, Comments, Forums, Perspectives and Matters Arising. Our goals are to give a voice to the communities we aim to serve, to promote health and well-being, and to advance health equity and policy making worldwide. 

As the pioneer in open access publishing, BMC already has an excellent standing within the public health communities, especially owing to our largest title BMC Public Health. By launching this new selective journal, we aim to connect and support the global and public health communities around the world, which will enable us to have an even further reach and impact.

In line with BMC’s mission, BMC Global and Public Health will champion open science and immediate data sharing, supported by transparent peer review and open data policies, as well as adherence to community standards and policies. We are committed to promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity, with appropriate community representation among journal stakeholders and topics covered. We are lucky to already have the support of an Editorial Board with broad and diverse expertise, and we will keep on expanding its size and scope, with a specific focus on Early Career Researchers. We have launched the journal with two guest-edited article collections that cover highly topical issues in global and public health: Stigma and mental health in infectious diseases, and Identifying people with tuberculosis and linking to care: finding the missing millions. For more details and to submit your manuscript, please see the journal website here.

We look forward to working with you.

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Digital interventions, services, and applications for reducing global health gaps in disadvantaged populations

BMC Global and Public Health is calling for submissions to our Collection on technological innovations for reducing global health gaps in disadvantaged populations. This Collection aims to spotlight transformative research that leverages technology to address health disparities among marginalized and vulnerable communities worldwide. In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, a remarkable opportunity exists to bridge global health gaps and enhance healthcare accessibility for disadvantaged populations.

Publishing Model: Open Access

Deadline: Sep 18, 2024

Stigma and mental health in infectious diseases

Health-related stigma is a global, multi-level social phenomenon that can negatively affect stigmatized groups as well as the communities they live in. The effect of stigma on individuals is varied and can include isolation, public embarrassment, depression, anxiety, loss of access to material and social resources including health care services, abuse, and violence. Health-related stigma is a major barrier to achieving optimal health outcomes for affected populations. Whilst stigma is observed across a number of health conditions, it has most often been associated with infectious diseases and populations at greatest risk for infection. This is apparent in HIV and tuberculosis, and has become apparent again during the COVID-19 pandemic and monkeypox outbreaks. Intersections between stigma and mental health are also more frequently being documented in the context of infectious diseases, with significant impacts on resilience and quality of life. Concerted efforts are therefore needed to evaluate the forms and manifestations of stigma in infectious diseases and their impact on mental health across vulnerable populations, as well as the frameworks, tools and interventions that aim to reduce stigma with a view toward advancing the health and mental well-being of individuals affected by infectious diseases. We are now inviting the submission of manuscripts of outstanding interest covering the breadth of multi-disciplinary studies, ranging from observational to interventional that are focused on the relationship between infectious disease-related stigma and mental health, resilience and quality of life. We envision this work to inform future research, frameworks, intervention development, and policy. Sample foci of papers include: ● Associations between infectious disease stigma and mental health ● Resilience or quality of life interventions ● Novel intervention approaches and methods ● Intersectionality of stigma and mental health with race, gender, class ● Novel data collection/evaluation tools ● Approaches to reduce structural drivers of stigma We encourage work from local, regional and global partnerships and collaboration among scientists from multi-disciplinary fields and using multiple methodologies. We ask that authors be attentive to the use of non-stigmatizing/preferred language in their manuscripts as outlined in relevant language guidelines for their respective fields, for example the Words Matter Language Guide by The Stop TB Partnership.

Publishing Model: Open Access

Deadline: Ongoing