Call for papers: Radioisotopes and radiochemistry in health science

Scientific Reports is welcoming original primary research articles for a special Guest Edited Collection in radiochemistry.
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Call for papers: Radioisotopes and radiochemistry in health science

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Radioisotopes and radiochemical methods find broad application in environmental research and nuclear medicine.

Scientific Reports, a journal from the Nature Research family, is proud to welcome original primary research articles for our upcoming “Radioisotopes and radiochemistry in health science” Collection.

This Collection shall provide an overview on current advances and novel concepts in radioisotope science and applications relating to human health. As such this Collection will gather original radionuclide research for medical diagnostics and therapy, including isotope production and purification, radiolabelling and bioconjugation techniques. Submissions focused on isotope applications in environmental research are also welcome.

Submissions are still welcome on a rolling basis. Submissions received after August 2019 cannot be considered for the Collection launch, but accepted papers received after this date will be added to the Collection as they are published. More information about this Collection and how to submit a manuscript can be found here.

The Collection is Guest Edited by Dr Michael Ernst-Heinrich Fassbender who is a leading scientist in the fields of radionuclide production and purification with more than 20 years of experience. He received his PhD degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in chemistry and radiochemistry from the University of Cologne, Germany. After a two-year postdoc fellowship at iThembaLABS, South Africa, he joined the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, to take on technical, scientific and scholarly responsibilities within the US Department of Energy’s National Isotope Program. He has been an Editorial Board Member for Scientific Reports since 2017.

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