Celebrating the career of Stephen Hawking

With the recent passing of Stephen Hawking, the community has been revisiting some of his most important contributions to the field of theoretical physics and astrophysics. Nature celebrates Hawking's career with an online collection.
Published in Astronomy

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A significant blow to the world of theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking's passing was however at the same time an occasion for the scientific community to remember and celebrate his many important contributions to the field. Throughout his career, Hawking (co-)authored numerous scientific articles, popular science pieces and of course popular science books that have taken the world by storm.

Nature now presents an online collection that brings together pieces about the man and the scientist that Stephen Hawking was. Some of the pieces include his seminal paper on what we now know as the 'Hawking radiation' (also covered in this community here: https://astronomycommunity.nature.com/users/83768-marios-karouzos/posts/31258-hawking-bekenstein-radiation-and-the-shifting-of-a-paradigm), a book review that Hawking wrote for Nature, as well as a video highlighting some of Hawking's most important discoveries.

The collection can be accessed here: https://www.nature.com/collections/nnpcmxxzhv

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